I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a nice afternoon, and the weather was perfect, so we opted to sit outside to record the show for the first Austin 216 "On the Porch" series to be broadcast simultaneously on the internet. People were getting comfortable in their chairs and Joe Houde was setting the video equipment. It was turning out to be a perfect day. And oh what a day, filled with incredible moments; but there was a particular and very precious one that stands out in our memories. Shan and I had selected our songs to play, one of which is a song we wrote based on our story. "If I Knew You", a song about what it would be like if we had grown up together. Going through high school, college, marriage, children, you know; the usual things that couples do. Although we don't do the song very often, but I'm glad we did it that day because our friends Wanda and Scott were there and they have a similar story. While we were singing the song, I remember seeing them embrace each other a little tighter. When we finished, Wanda said "That's our song!" And we all smiled. After the show I spoke with Wanda and Scott about how they met later in life, but how much in love they are, so much that she sometimes feels like she tells him too much. Seeing how Scott looks at Wanda, I just don't think that's possible. Wanda then asked me "Annie, maybe you and Shan could write a song about that subject; "do you think I tell you I love you too much?" I thought to myself, I wish I could pull a Wilkins or Higgins (two of our personal favorite Texas songwriters), run home, write it and be back next week with the song, but instead I replied I'll write that idea down, and we'll see what we can do. The afternoon ended, months have past and we have had continuous weekends of fun, music and laughter with Wanda, Scott and the rest of the bunch at 216! Wanda came to me recently and asked, "Remember that idea I asked you about; do you think I tell you I love you too much?" I replied sheepishly "yes" and wished that I had a song to share with her and knowing why now, the song meant even more to Wanda. She hadn't been feeling well lately and was recently diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer; with an expiration of 1 to 3 months. My heart was aching, and my eyes were welling up with tears, just as they are now as I am writing this. Wanda continued, "Did you ever come up with any ideas on that?" Then she added "Because now..." she paused, "I feel like I can't say I love you enough." October 18th, Shan and I completed the song. I sent a message to Wanda on the 19th, telling her that we had a surprise for her! She was so excited, she knew what it was. She knew the song was complete. However, finding time to play it for her would prove to be a dilemma. Monday morning, October 31st, with the help of Casey Hubble at Little d' Art Studio, we went in, recorded the song for Wanda and tried to deliver it over the next two days. But were unsuccessful... Thursday morning November 3rd, Wanda passed away, without hearing the song. Friday night, we took the song along with hugs and our deepest heartfelt condolences over to Scott. He was happy to have it, and said Wanda was so excited about hearing it and that her passing was very sudden and unexpected. I know Scott holds Wanda in his heart, as do her sons, so I know in mine that when they listen to it, Wanda will hear it… And we're so happy and blessed to have had the chance to get to know her. God Bless Wanda


This Love
Do you think I tell you I love you too much?
Annie Acton & Shan Kowert October 18, 2011
  Inspired by and Written for Wanda Nell Carroll
Do you think I tell you I love you too much? care too much? need you too much?
But that's how I feel, and I know now This love is real, this love is real
I know this feeling I have inside, I want you so much, I follow you around
And I know, This love is real, this love is real
Maybe I'm thinking, thinking too much, Blessed by such A love like this is good And I know
This love is real, this love is real
How can tell you enough when time's not on our side
In case we're gone tomorrow, baby today let's just enjoy the ride
I know baby, I love you so much, Care for you so much, Need you so much
And I know for sure that this love is real
This love is real
This love is real...Do you think I tell you I love you too much?