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Were you at a ShAnnie show recently and perhaps forgot to tip, but wanted to, desperately... no worries, you can do it here! Isn't that convenient? Actually, we are in the midst of planning our fourth CD, which will include piano sessions. In case you weren't aware; that's another side of ShAnnie... All of your generous tips and donations will go toward completing that project. We truly and humbly appreciate your support.

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ShAnnie Shindigs

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Blame It On the Moon


Everything from uplifting roots tunes to breathy Spanish passions... with a song for every soulful mood, this album is sure to stay in your player.

ShAnnie; after beginning their musical venture in 2005, are still going strong. Those who want to categorize ShAnnie, have compared them to Sonny and Cher with their silly banter back and forth; and to the Civil Wars with their haunting harmonies. But the truth is they are honestly unique and always exciting and that becomes very evident on this album. Produced by Walt Wilkins and engineered by Ron Flynt; there are many great musicians performing with ShAnnie to make this album an unforgettable one!

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