From the recording Water Over Stones


In my mind I see a river
Water running over stones
And as my memory withers
I feel so alone

Loving you was all that mattered
A frozen space in time
With a thaw it all shattered
Remnants scattered in my mind

I know

I know our days are numbered
And this is all there is
I know that life is a ripple
In the rapid flow of time

I know what once was pleasure
And all that could be mine
But it left, as no other
Without a trace to find

I know

I know what was wasted was a good pure heart
I failed to see it from the start

If I could live forever
The wiser for it all
The one thing I would wish for
Is for you to call

But that will never happen
The sum of it is this
When love is taken lightly
There's more than love at risk

I know