From the recording Music Man Blues


I put my hat down, as I came through the door
Was playing a gig, and feeling kind of sore
I looked around, and saw her bag
She was ready to go, and her look was so sad

Are you leaving again, was all I could say
Lets talk it out, I want you to stay
She kind of smiled, and touched my face
And she said "Baby, I gotta leave this place
and she said

Baby, I gotta go
Cause I know, I know, I know this will never grow
Cause your love, goes a different way
Youre a music man, you gotta play

Well the sad thing is what she said was true
What can I say, what can I do
It gets in your blood, you feel that beat
The melody plays, you gotta tap your feet

Obsession or not, you just gotta find
The words to that song, dancing around in your mind
And when it comes time to play that song
Look at them smile, you cant do no wrong

When its all done and youre all alone
Sitting around this empty home
Thats when you recall, her very last words
Thinking about just what you heard


Ive got those music man blues And Im gonna play