1. Fickle

From the recording Fickle


So you told me to go
I told you to go
Wish you would think it out
Made up my mind
If I could just stay
Go ahead and go
Would it be okay?

Was it something I said?
Dont you remember?
Didnt mean to aggravate
And yet you did
Didnt mean to cause a mess
Oh what a mess
Please say yes

Sometimes you dont think
But baby I try
And all the words just come out wrong
Yea I know
So why do you wonder?
I guess you are right
Why I want you to go

If I could just stay
No please go
Maybe we could talk it out
But talk is cheap
Baby I love you
Say what?
Please let me stay

Remember that night on the ferris wheel (yeah)
And what about the walk on the beach (that was nice)
We swore that we would never part (I know)
I love you with all of my heart (hmmm)

You sure you want me to go
I guess you can stay
Did I really hear you right?
Thats what I said
So its okay
Yes its okay
And I am gonna stay

Are you sure you want me to stay
I said I want you to stay!
I guess I heard you right
Dont like to repeat myself
So its okay
Yes, Its okay
Im gonna stay
Because I love you too
Im gonna stay
With all of my heart
Im gonna stay
I love you

Im gonna stay
Youre gonna stay