1. Call My Name

From the recording Call My Name


It hasnt been long that Ive known you
We have only talked for a while
But I hear every word and I know its true
Cause I know those sweet eyes dont lie

We have talked about our choices
Some were good, some were bad
A mind full of thoughts we wish would fade
And memories that make us sad

But you can call my name - I will run to you
In the darkest night, I will come to you
Say my name, my heart, it will hear you
You can call my name, I will run to you

Tears are running down your face
You think life has done you wrong
The sad thing is you are not happy in this place
And you know you are not strong

Many words could say what I feel for you
A few is all I need
Just think about where you want to be
And let your heart - take the lead