Lipstick Warrior

Annie Acton


What makes someone hide behind an illusion created by lines, smudges and brush strokes.... Maybe it's Maybeline? I love make-up just like the next person... But I will never hide behind it! People say I'm expressive, passionate; they say "she tells it like it is". I say, "God gave us free will". The way I see it, I'm just doing what he intended. I wrote this song because of a woman I know that showed up one day after having a "make over". She looked so pretty, and yet... so, so sad. I knew what was wrong, I knew that even though she pretended to be happy, she was not. She was miserable. So, I simply said to her, "you look incredible, but remember, all the make-up in the world will not rid you of your troubles... you have to be strong from the inside-- out". So go ahead ladies, smear on a little red lipstick and add some gloss too, but when the time comes, don't be afraid to open your mouth... and make sure that when you speak, you speak eloquently, you say what you mean... and always mean what you say!!! I know there's a Lipstick Warrior in all of us... My Heart Tells Me So! _________________________


LIPSTICK WARRIOR I know a girl, she’s so afraid to fall apart I know her well; I’ve known her right from the start She looks like me, a little frayed around the edge And lives so hard, a woman standing on the ledge This girl is bound by the chains she tries to hide She’ll suffer through and her spirit will survive A wishing well holds the secrets she reveals Her strength will grow; she may falter, but won’t fail Ooh… whoa Ooh…ooh… Bridge: Lipstick smears, when she tries to speak Mascara only runs, should she ever weep All the makeup just to hide what lies beneath She’s a warrior in disguise She’s a warrior in my eyes Ooh… whoa Ooh…ooh… Lipstick pales, that’s ok, a new shade is all she needs Her time has come; she says she’s had enough you see Her battle lines, now they have been formed She’ll stand her ground; she’ll soldier on and shout out NO MORE! Ooh… whoa Ooh…ooh… I know a girl… yeah… She’s a Lipstick Warrior