The New ShAnnie Cd “The Station” arrives!!!

Yes!!! It's True!!! With one cd under their belt, which brought them a nomination at the 2008 Texas Music Awards. ShAnnie has finished their second project. After spending several months in the studio with Bastrop, Texas' John Inmon... the new ShAnnie Cd, titled "The Station", is complete and will be available for purchase online and in stores soon. Why the lengthy wait? Well, Inmon was gracious enough to work on a time line that allowed ShAnnie to really pour their hearts into it. You feel the presence of Inmon’s heart as well, as you will witness when you feel the sound from each song resonate through your body. ShAnnie went into the studio with ideas of co-producing this project and Inmon was very excited and proud to share the seat. The music; words and rhythm, are sure to move you. Each song delivers a cinematic perspective into how Shan and Annie conceive a song. If you’ve seen ShAnnie live, you know the passion that flows when they perform each song. This same passion can be found on the new cd. Simply translates well. You won’t be disappointed. In fact, you’ll be left wanting more…. “The Station” will be available for purchase online and at other locations. Please check for updated information and links. If you absolutely cannot wait... please contact us at and we will send you the address for where you can purchase your copy of "The Station", mailed directly to you from ShAnnie! And Hey, if you request, ShAnnie will even sign it for you.