The time has come... ShAnnie takes their music across the seas! Well, truth be told... their music, via cd; has already made it over there. The radio stations in France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, The U.K., Ireland, Holland and Germany just to name a few are thankfully spinning "ShAnnie" tunes! And now the duo themselves will also board one of those big flying vehicles and head for the skies. They will land in Zurich, Switzerland first where they will jump on a connecting train to Geneva to greet their ever gracious host Michel! The trip has them playing shows all over Switzerland, with stops in Austria and Germany as well. During their time in Europe they will also be visiting with "Chicken Mambo", the Italian Blues Band that recently toured in Texas in the fall of 2010. ShAnnie are planning on recording a cut of one of their new singles in the studio with Chicken Mambo. You'll definitely want to stay tuned for the release of that one! Yes, this trip is a whirlwind tour...with loads of exciting ventures! Updates, photos and lots of blogging will be posted along the way. Keep checking the website! It's a fun filled adventure... and only the beginning!