Nominate ShAnnie for the 2011 Texas Music Awards!

Nominate ShAnnie Did you know that the 2011 Texas Music Awards are in full swing as of yesterday? Yes, and did you know that we, ShAnnie, are members? Now, may we be so humble as to ask for your nomination… or for you to take the time to nominate your favorites at the My Texas Music / Texas Music Awards website? Please, if you do have a moment, take a trip over to this link and nominate your favorite members of the My Texas Music Academy to make sure that they make it on to the 2012 ballot this year. There are a lot of very talented and deserving musicians that are members of the academy, but without your nominations, they will not even become recognized on the ballot. So, please take this opportunity to peruse the website, make sure that your favorite producer, group, duo, or solo is on the list and then nominate them for as many things as you see fit… Best Song, Entertainer, Vocalist, Album, etc… Go, Go, Go! What are you waiting for… We need you! Artists needed to have had a project in the year 2011 (ShAnnie - √) Did you know that we were nominated at the 2008 Texas Music Awards for Vocal Duo, and for best Producer for our debut album “Water Over Stones”? We were even fortunate to have been able to perform at the Texas Music Awards that year, a moment we will certainly cherish. Perhaps you’d be interested in nominating John Inmon, our producer for our latest album, “The Station”? John would greatly appreciate that, and we feel he deserves a nomination for his work in conveying every emotion we were feeling when we wrote the songs. Visit the link, and place our names anywhere you feel we fit. We’re grateful for your time and consideration. As we are sure all of the members of the My Texas Music Academy would be grateful. We thank you so much for supporting Independent Music all these years!