Gohan... by Walt Perryman (4/28/09)

Annie had a dog and Gohan was his name, Since they found each other, life was never the same. Gohan was a Siberian Husky, he was her best friend. But like all living things, his life had to end. When they first saw each other it just seemed right, I believe it is safe to say, It was love at first sight. The years they spent together, they had a lot of fun. Their love was so strong, their heart beat as one. One day a bad, mean, stray dog came after Annie, Gohan came to her rescue and whipped that dogs fanny. Annie never had to worry as long a Gohan was around, If man or beast threatened her, they were going down. Annie and Gohan would talk to each other every day. They seemed to understand what the other had to say.. Gohan would never wake up Annie when she was in bed. If he had to go outside, he would wake up Shan instead. Maybe, he was Annies guardian angel sent from above. He was here to protect her and give her unconditional love. I have never really been to Heaven this may be true, But, Heaven can not be Heaven, without dogs there too. Gohan is in Heaven and he will patiently wait, He will be there to meet Annie at the Pearly Gate. (Walt Perryman is a very prolific poet and a truly great friend... Thank you Walt... Thank you so very much for these beautiful words.)