From a Chateau to a Chalet...


From a Chateau in the South of France to a Chalet in the Mountains of Switzerland, we traveled and we shared our music at every stop along the way…

We just knew that we simply could not improve on our trip to Europe last year; but then, each new adventure took us, not only to the friends and places we encountered last year, but also to new experiences and what is sure to be lasting friendships for years to come.

We opted for a Eurail Pass, allowing us the flexibility to travel through Europe with ease and less stress… (Although, we did have one unexpected and exciting excursion with our friend Florence Choureau at the wheel, as she drove us to South France…ahh, the Mediterranean Sea!)

How did the train work for us, you ask?

Fairly well, minus a few near incidences… Like when Shan almost gave our luggage away to an unsuspecting and innocent man; strange, but true. Then there were my small closter-phobic issues in the tunnels while searching for the right train and people are rushing every where because for some reason they just don’t seem to do things early or on time for that matter… (Chatalet! That’s my new saying, inside joke.) and then there were a couple of times we nearly boarded the wrong train, but that’s actually an easy on, easy off fix. You know, to tell the truth, things went pretty smooth, and traveling by train is quite nice I must say; besides, with a train on the cover of our album, “The Station”, traveling by train just seemed like the thing for ShAnnie to do.

I spent months working on this tour and it went off with a bang! A true and literal bang! We started in Rieux Minervios on the weekend of Bastille, with fireworks ablaze over the castle where we stayed. Afterwards, we weaved our way through Switzerland, France and Germany finally coming back to the Vallais in Switzerland where our first seed was planted last year.

We were very fortunate to have friends in select places that even wanted to help…Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. Without you, the air we breathe wouldn’t be as sweet.

Here’s to another successful European Tour! Thanks to everyone involved!!!