Folk in Heaven


We feel so fortunate to live in Fredericksburg, Texas... it's a place that brings people from all over the world. Our friendships here and afar have woven such an afghan of love, and for that we are warm beyond measure.

We are so grateful to be able to travel and share our very own music, it truly is humbling.

This is our "Folk in Heaven" moment; the last performance on this year's tour before heading home to Texas. Thanks to Stephen and MOnika Ferron and all of our new friends in Pieterlen, Switzerland, for such an enchanting evening!

"Blame it on the Moon" CD Release Party

It will be here soon... your copy of the third ShAnnie cd, "Blame it on the Moon"! The public release of "Blame it on the Moon", produced by Walt Wilkins; is set for March 15th. You'll be able to download right from your computer, or come to one of the shows and pick up a copy! However, the official release party will be held March 29th at Luckenbach, Texas. Weather permitting, it will be outside on the stage or inside the legendary dance hall. As with previous ShAnnie cd release parties, you're sure to have fun! Bring friends! Grab a cd, one of their hip new t-shirts and don't forget the other cool memorabilia! The concert will feature the extraordinary John Inmon, producer of ShAnnie's second cd "The Station"; and the lead guitarist on the title cut of "Blame it on the Moon". Don't miss this event!

ShAnnie's Third CD!!!

We are in the studio with Walt Wilkins making our third cd and things are going amazingly well! We have been fortunate to have people pre-order and donate for the cd, helping us create this project, which is due for release in the Spring of 2014. If you are interested in learning more about it or if you would like to pre-order your copy just go to the home page of this website or email us. You will be placed on our exclusive email list as well; receiving photos and stories about the how this cd is coming along. Thanks to all our friends that have become a part of this project... we promise that you will be proud! To learn more about Walt Wilkins, visit the website at

ShAnnie performs at the US Embassy in Bern, Switzerland 2013

We were met at the gate of the Ambassador’s House, where we would be staying for five days leading up to the Fourth of July event! Let’s start from the beginning… James, a friend from the Embassy, whom we had met during our first trip to Europe, called. He asked us if we would be available and interested in performing at the corporate sponsored Fourth of July Event at the United States Embassy in Bern, Switzerland. This is the same event that has brought people like Quincy Jones in previous years, so we had to make sure that the call was definitely for “ShAnnie”. Well, it turns out that it was… and it was a no brainer for us. So, through happy tears, we shouted “YES!” Months of planning went by and the time came for our trip to Switzerland. (You can read a short story about the trip in the NEWS link on this page) So, there we were at the gate of the Ambassador’s House. We couldn’t believe that this was where we would be staying for several days. Upon entering the gated garden, we and our bags were understandably searched. I must say that it was good to know that Shan got a clean background check… HA! Through the garden and up to the house we walked with smiles plastered on our faces, and goosebumps growing on our arms. First, James introduced us to the staff of the house. They’re the hard working and lovely people that care for the home and the Ambassador during his/her tenure at the Embassy. During our stay, the staff would be diligently preparing for the big July Fourth event. There was a lot going on during the day, but in the evenings, the house was all ShAnnie’s! What a house it was too, with four stories and a dungeon. There was a spiral staircase taking us from the main floor to the second floor with several bedrooms and our very own kitchen. There was a hidden staircase that lead to all of the other floors. After our grand tour, we decided to grab a few things at a local store and stay in the beautiful house for the evening. We opened a bottle of red wine that we were given by one of our friends and toasted to all the opportunities we have been blessed with through the years and to the sweet sunset over the Bern skyline. The days seemed to pass so quickly and now the event was upon us. We were up and dressed early. Although we were a little nervous, we were absolutely ready to perform a concert and take part in an event that we will never forget. Thursday the fourth, was even busier than the days before. There were people all over the garden setting up tables, bars, props and even a façade that read “Red Grizzly Saloon”. It was amazing to see the garden transformed into a Swiss-Texas Luckenbach! We started our day with interviews by several publications and even the Swiss Country Radio station. While our interviews were taking place, the security was tightening. There were bomb-sniffing dogs and guards screening the entire garden. They were making sure it was a safe environment for the big event. It was now 3:15 and people were lining up to enter the gate. Once inside the gate, they would have to pass through metal detectors for added security. The whole thing went so smoothly though and all 900 or so people were in and ready to party by 3:45. At 4pm the event began. We were introduced by Alan, security and employee at the Embassy and a fellow Texan. We played the first 30 minutes before the chargé d'affaires, Susan Elbow was introduced. Susan has been the acting ambassador while the US searches to appoint a new one. Susan Elbow gave the most beautiful speech, talking about the bond between Switzerland and Texas. She spoke about the United States and how proud she was and we should all be to be Americans. She talked about how the Embassy came to decide on ShAnnie as representatives of music and our beloved Texas. I wanted to cry with overwhelming joy for being right there, at that moment, on that stage with Shan. More speeches from diplomats of Switzerland and the United States were shared among the people. It was such an incredible feeling to be there. Once all of the speeches were completed, an opera singer began to bellow the National Anthem, which queued four young soldiers to commence with the “colors”. That is when I lost it! I placed my hand over my heart... I could feel it pounding and then time began to freeze. I thought of all the things we had been able to do up until that very instant and was so grateful. Every place we had been to, every person we had met, every song we wrote, every song we sang, every single moment sharing to bring us right there. I could feel the pressure from the tears swelling in my eyes. I felt so proud to be a part of something so special. I tried not to cry, but several of my tears escaped, and while carefully wiping my eyes I glanced at Shan. He stood tall and handsome with his hat in his hand. Released from what seemed like his frozen moment, Shan looked back at me and that’s when we were reintroduced by Susan Elbow to perform the remainder of the show. “Ladies and Gentleman, with great pleasure… from Fredericksburg, Texas… ShAnnie!!!” .................................. Every time we perform we are ecstatic. We have been honored to play for as little as three people to as many as too many to count and every show has been special to us. We came together at a time when we didn’t even know we needed each other. Through the years we have grown as a couple thanks to our communication and want to understand and love one another, and boy do we love one another. But we have grown as a singing duo because of the people we have met… You. And boy do we love you too. Thank you for your belief in us and your continued encouragement. embassy vip For more images of the Embassy and the Ambassador's House please visit the photos link on our website.

ShAnnie's Swiss Tour 2013

Earlier this year, "ShAnnie" was invited to perform at the corporate sponsored July 4th celebration at the United States Embassy in Bern, Switzerland. Jokingly, "ShAnnie" asked, "Us?" And then quickly replied, "Absolutely!" Here is a short journal of our trip to Switzerland, 2013... We were met upon our arrival at the Zurich airport by Herbie. Herbie looks like someone that may have inspired the original sketches for “The Terminator”, although he’s gentle, sweet and funny. He drove us to the Embassy, where we then met Stephen, another gentle and totally awesome guy! Stephen drove us to and around Geneva preparing for our first performance. It was a private party on top of the big glass United Nations building overlooking the city. Shan and I thought to ourselves, if this is any example of how the tour will pan out… we are ready! Yes, the first performance was lovely, as were the people, leaving us filled with happy emotions. The next few days would have us traveling and visiting the most incredible spots of Switzerland. The days were filled with friends like our beloved Michel and the kind-hearted Vuignier’s, Rafaello and his absolutely gorgeous Consigli family. Oh my; there was music, BBQ and other interesting foods, snow covered mountains, glacial waterfalls and streams, cathedrals and castles, there was wine, beer, Calvados, and so much more. We were overloaded with joy! That’s when we met up in Bern with our other dear friend JJ, from the Embassy. He got us settled in at our hotel, the historic Belle Époque, where we performed another show. Alex, the manager at the hotel explained that it was the “off season”, so he wasn’t quite sure about the crowd. And just when we thought it may be a quiet evening, in walked some friends we’ve made over the last few years. Juan Alcantarra (a diplomat of the Dominican Republic) and Madeleine Charlwood (Counsel to the Embassy), and they brought a bunch of new friends with them. We also made friends with a cool couple from Croatia. How did we get to be this lucky? The next night we performed at Einsteins, where Albert Einstein wrote his theory of relativity! This place was booming with loads of people including friends from the night before. Once again… Magic! Unfortunately, I don’t think any of those ghostly “Einstein smarts” rubbed off on Shan or I… Sunday, June 30th, we joined with our free-spirited friend Florence and invited her to the private party we were performing that night. What an evening! Art and Beauty come to mind when explaining what that night was all about. Of course there was music, drink and food, but then there was dancing and even an interpretive display of movements with a sword; I’m sure there’s a name for that. Ultimately, there was laughter and new eternal memories. The next morning, after breakfast and a walk around Bern with Florence, we had an appointment to meet JJ at the Embassy. He explained that we would be staying at the Ambassador’s home for the next few days leading up to July 4th. We simply said… “Oh ok, if we must”, and had to stop ourselves from sliding down the banister during our tour of the house. I did, however, play a little dungeon master while locking Shan and JJ in the actual dungeon! Whew! Truly, we were on our best behavior and on the first night chose to sip wine on the balcony as we watched the sun set over the perfect garden. Shan and I talked about how fortunate we were to be touring Europe again for the third year in a row, and this time performing for the US Embassy in Bern! This is a chance in a lifetime and we will forever be grateful for the opportunity. I must say that it was interesting watching the security guards surround and survey the property. I imagined we were high-profile people that needed this type of security. I realized this was not the case because when we left for the day for some shopping or in the evening for dinner at Juan's, we were on our own. It was only when we returned; after showing our passports and then being searched that I could go on pretending again. We did however, have interviews before the show with some very prominent music industry professionals. That was huge, considering that we’re trying to share our music with the world. We were on such a high note from the days leading to the event, that when it was time for us to head to the stage we were elated. We were there to represent Texas, and we feel we did that, but we also represented our family and friends as we carried you in our hearts. You must know that it is because of you and your support that we have been able to grow in a positive way. After the show, we performed a private VIP concert on the piano for the corporate sponsors of the event. A special thank you to those that sponsored such a magnanimous affair! Friday, July 5th. Our last day in the Ambassador’s house, we had lunch prepared by David, the house chef. We enjoyed the scrumptious fried chicken and all the fixings with Herbie and JJ, then we took a train with JJ to meet up with his wife, Marianne in Sion. We enjoyed one more evening with the Vuignier’s and then made the climb to St. Martin. We spent the next two days exploring the colossal mountainsides and spent the nights enjoying delicious food and colorful sunsets. We asked the Johnsons if we could stay forever, but realized that we needed to get back. I guess if we were there all the time, they wouldn’t have reason to miss us. Two last events took place on Sunday July 7th. Our very own friend and escort Walter, showed up at the train station. Walter is an amazing musician and even teaches music to the youth in the area schools. First stop; music brunch at our favorite restaurant in Illiswil, where Michael and Alex make the best Rosti! Shan waited the entire trip to have their Rosti. Friends showed from all over; even our buddy Hans, who came sporting a “ShAnnie” t-shirt! You can imagine how this made us feel. Ear to ear with smiles. We spent one final peaceful evening on the lake in Wholen, where we enjoyed steak, salad, bread, cheese, wine, desert, coffee and camaraderie. So much love and admiration circled the room and we bid everyone farewell that night. Except Walter, who collected us one last time bright and early the next morning. Walter dropped us at the train station on our way for Zurich and eventually back home... We just want to say thank you to everyone for another wonderful tour. And a special "Thanks" to Mike Haley, who introduced us four years ago to Michel Vuignier and started this whole thing rolling. We are FOREVER GRATEFUL... Annie and Shan "ShAnnie" performing for the US Embassy VIP listening party at the Ambassadors House

Women Of Substance WOS

ShAnnie's "Lipstick Warrior" has just been added to the WOS playlist!!! "Lipstick Warrior" debuts Tuesday on "Spotlight on Great Songs Show" 10-11 AM Pacific (1-2 PM Eastern) You can listen, request and even vote for the song to help ShAnnie grow... and they are all about growing!

The Texas Honeys Download... Now Available!

I am so proud to be a part of the first of what is sure to be many projects involving Texas Women in Music! Thanks to all those that helped create this amazing cd! You can be a part of the project too by supporting me and other women in Texas Music!

From a Chateau to a Chalet...



From a Chateau in the South of France to a Chalet in the Mountains of Switzerland, we traveled and we shared our music at every stop along the way…

We just knew that we simply could not improve on our trip to Europe last year; but then, each new adventure took us, not only to the friends and places we encountered last year, but also to new experiences and what is sure to be lasting friendships for years to come.

We opted for a Eurail Pass, allowing us the flexibility to travel through Europe with ease and less stress… (Although, we did have one unexpected and exciting excursion with our friend Florence Choureau at the wheel, as she drove us to South France…ahh, the Mediterranean Sea!)

How did the train work for us, you ask?

Fairly well, minus a few near incidences… Like when Shan almost gave our luggage away to an unsuspecting and innocent man; strange, but true. Then there were my small closter-phobic issues in the tunnels while searching for the right train and people are rushing every where because for some reason they just don’t seem to do things early or on time for that matter… (Chatalet! That’s my new saying, inside joke.) and then there were a couple of times we nearly boarded the wrong train, but that’s actually an easy on, easy off fix. You know, to tell the truth, things went pretty smooth, and traveling by train is quite nice I must say; besides, with a train on the cover of our album, “The Station”, traveling by train just seemed like the thing for ShAnnie to do.

I spent months working on this tour and it went off with a bang! A true and literal bang! We started in Rieux Minervios on the weekend of Bastille, with fireworks ablaze over the castle where we stayed. Afterwards, we weaved our way through Switzerland, France and Germany finally coming back to the Vallais in Switzerland where our first seed was planted last year.

We were very fortunate to have friends in select places that even wanted to help…Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. Without you, the air we breathe wouldn’t be as sweet.

Here’s to another successful European Tour! Thanks to everyone involved!!!

Texas Music Awards...Votes Are In!

TMA John and Shannie PRODUCER OF THE YEAR… JOHN INMON… for SHANNIE’S… THE STATION… VOCAL DUO OF THE YEAR... ShAnnie... for THE STATION... "Musicians, artists; friends… it was humbling as we accepted the award for Vocal Duo. But we don’t accept it alone, we believe so much that this is a synchronized effort, so we gratefully and totally accept the award on all our behalves, and share it with all our musician friends… may we all continue to sing and travel the road in harmony with one another. That’s what makes us all winners!" ---Shan and Annie

And The 2012 Texas Music Awards Nominees Are...

ShAnnie and John Inmon! We want to thank all of you for your kindness in taking the time to nominate us for the Texas Music Awards! Thanks to you, we made it on the ballot! Yes, ShAnnie is right up there sharing nominations with very talented artists, some of whom are close friends. We were nominated for Vocal Duo, along with Art & Lisa, so at this point, we’re just tickled to be there! Another friend, our very own producer, John Inmon, was also recognized for his work on our album “The Station”; taking two nominations. One for Studio Musician and one for Producer of the Year! Way to go JOHN! “The Station” has been serving us well; it’s been one train ride after another, with no end in sight! Cheers to Texas Music and all its supporters!!!

ShAnnie performs at the Western Trail House Concert


3AM from Shan and Annie on Vimeo.

About running away for love...
We were thinking about Grandparents on both sides of our families that eloped, which inspired this song. It seems like people did that a lot back in those days.
What sacrifice would you make?

Written by Annie Acton and Shan Kowert
©2011 (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved
Recorded by Bob Himmer at the Western Trail House Concert Series in Kerrville, Texas

Nominate ShAnnie for the 2011 Texas Music Awards!

Nominate ShAnnie Did you know that the 2011 Texas Music Awards are in full swing as of yesterday? Yes, and did you know that we, ShAnnie, are members? Now, may we be so humble as to ask for your nomination… or for you to take the time to nominate your favorites at the My Texas Music / Texas Music Awards website? Please, if you do have a moment, take a trip over to this link and nominate your favorite members of the My Texas Music Academy to make sure that they make it on to the 2012 ballot this year. There are a lot of very talented and deserving musicians that are members of the academy, but without your nominations, they will not even become recognized on the ballot. So, please take this opportunity to peruse the website, make sure that your favorite producer, group, duo, or solo is on the list and then nominate them for as many things as you see fit… Best Song, Entertainer, Vocalist, Album, etc… Go, Go, Go! What are you waiting for… We need you! Artists needed to have had a project in the year 2011 (ShAnnie - √) Did you know that we were nominated at the 2008 Texas Music Awards for Vocal Duo, and for best Producer for our debut album “Water Over Stones”? We were even fortunate to have been able to perform at the Texas Music Awards that year, a moment we will certainly cherish. Perhaps you’d be interested in nominating John Inmon, our producer for our latest album, “The Station”? John would greatly appreciate that, and we feel he deserves a nomination for his work in conveying every emotion we were feeling when we wrote the songs. Visit the link, and place our names anywhere you feel we fit. We’re grateful for your time and consideration. As we are sure all of the members of the My Texas Music Academy would be grateful. We thank you so much for supporting Independent Music all these years!

"Lipstick Warrior" featured in New Film Makers Video

Eric Norcross of Norcross Media Visual Communications has just released a montage of clips from independent filmmakers of 2011. What song did he use? ShAnnies' "Lipstick Warrior." The short film will be included on the New Film Makers website, as well as their Youtube channel, and Facebook page too. "It's inspiring to be involved with other independent artists; coming together to create something that only keeps us moving forward"... says Annie and Shan Eric simply states about ShAnnie music..."Your music goes well with moving images". ShAnnie has been wanting to submit their music for film for quite some time. Looks like this is a perfect start! ((DON'T FORGET...BEFORE WATCHING THE VIDEO - SILENCE THE SHANNIE WEBSITE MUSIC))


The time has come... ShAnnie takes their music across the seas! Well, truth be told... their music, via cd; has already made it over there. The radio stations in France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, The U.K., Ireland, Holland and Germany just to name a few are thankfully spinning "ShAnnie" tunes! And now the duo themselves will also board one of those big flying vehicles and head for the skies. They will land in Zurich, Switzerland first where they will jump on a connecting train to Geneva to greet their ever gracious host Michel! The trip has them playing shows all over Switzerland, with stops in Austria and Germany as well. During their time in Europe they will also be visiting with "Chicken Mambo", the Italian Blues Band that recently toured in Texas in the fall of 2010. ShAnnie are planning on recording a cut of one of their new singles in the studio with Chicken Mambo. You'll definitely want to stay tuned for the release of that one! Yes, this trip is a whirlwind tour...with loads of exciting ventures! Updates, photos and lots of blogging will be posted along the way. Keep checking the website! It's a fun filled adventure... and only the beginning!

The New ShAnnie Cd “The Station” arrives!!!

Yes!!! It's True!!! With one cd under their belt, which brought them a nomination at the 2008 Texas Music Awards. ShAnnie has finished their second project. After spending several months in the studio with Bastrop, Texas' John Inmon... the new ShAnnie Cd, titled "The Station", is complete and will be available for purchase online and in stores soon. Why the lengthy wait? Well, Inmon was gracious enough to work on a time line that allowed ShAnnie to really pour their hearts into it. You feel the presence of Inmon’s heart as well, as you will witness when you feel the sound from each song resonate through your body. ShAnnie went into the studio with ideas of co-producing this project and Inmon was very excited and proud to share the seat. The music; words and rhythm, are sure to move you. Each song delivers a cinematic perspective into how Shan and Annie conceive a song. If you’ve seen ShAnnie live, you know the passion that flows when they perform each song. This same passion can be found on the new cd. Simply translates well. You won’t be disappointed. In fact, you’ll be left wanting more…. “The Station” will be available for purchase online and at other locations. Please check for updated information and links. If you absolutely cannot wait... please contact us at and we will send you the address for where you can purchase your copy of "The Station", mailed directly to you from ShAnnie! And Hey, if you request, ShAnnie will even sign it for you.

TOTO Features ShAnnie!

If you are in and around the Austin area, make sure to pick up the latest issue of "TOTO". This is a magazine published by Patty Mora, Pet Photographer. This magazine displays beautiful photographs... highlighting people, places and things. It's a delightful magazine that shows heart and true art. In this issue, ShAnnie was featured in the music section. Annie was even shown modeling the fine jewelry from "Stones Throw"... this is some exquisite, custom made artwork, by Kyle Gross. If you've been to our shows, you've probably seen Shan and Annie wearing some of Kyle's pieces. You can find out more about Kyle and Stones Throw Jewelry and Patty Mora Photography at... Stay tuned for more exciting ShAnnie news!!!

Gohan... by Walt Perryman (4/28/09)

Annie had a dog and Gohan was his name, Since they found each other, life was never the same. Gohan was a Siberian Husky, he was her best friend. But like all living things, his life had to end. When they first saw each other it just seemed right, I believe it is safe to say, It was love at first sight. The years they spent together, they had a lot of fun. Their love was so strong, their heart beat as one. One day a bad, mean, stray dog came after Annie, Gohan came to her rescue and whipped that dogs fanny. Annie never had to worry as long a Gohan was around, If man or beast threatened her, they were going down. Annie and Gohan would talk to each other every day. They seemed to understand what the other had to say.. Gohan would never wake up Annie when she was in bed. If he had to go outside, he would wake up Shan instead. Maybe, he was Annies guardian angel sent from above. He was here to protect her and give her unconditional love. I have never really been to Heaven this may be true, But, Heaven can not be Heaven, without dogs there too. Gohan is in Heaven and he will patiently wait, He will be there to meet Annie at the Pearly Gate. (Walt Perryman is a very prolific poet and a truly great friend... Thank you Walt... Thank you so very much for these beautiful words.)

ShAnnie Is Featured In "Women Out West" Magazine!!!

It has been a crazy and busy summer/winter. Lot's of things have happened. One of the most exciting things we would like to share with you is that we are now being featured in the "Women Out West" (WOW) magazine. Founder, Susan Stoltz, published her first issue in April 2008. The idea? To bring the incredible women of the west out into the public eye. "Writers, ranchers, artists, musicians, business women and everyone in between". Since, fine writing is a focus in the journey of this magazine; it is obvious why Laurie Wagner Buyer was included. She is an author and editor and has received many acknowledgments and prizes for her works. When we were chosen to be featured in WOW magazine and that Laurie Wagner Buyer would be writing the article... We were astounded. What an absolute privilege! We have been working very hard, writing new songs, and trying to get our music out there and this is a wonderful and lucky chance that we hope you will all take the time to share with us! Thank you to Susan Stolz for the opportunity to be featured and to Laurie Wagner Buyer for writing this fun article. Thank you also to those who gave such beautiful reviews of our work... WC Jameson; author, singer/songwriter of Llano, Texas, Abbey; Event manager from Luckenbach, Texas, John M. Greenberg; producer, singer/songwriter of Marble Falls, Texas and Mike Blakely; author, singer/songwriter of Buchanan Dam, Texas. We appreciate all the good fortune; and by that we mean... the fantastic friends we have made along the way. To read the reviews please go to or order a subscription to receive your very own personal copy!

This is no "April Fool's" joke...

Last year, ShAnnie played a private party at Stony Ridge Ranch, a beautiful B & B located in Hondo, Texas. Owners, Rollie and Steve Devlin were very gracious hosts. The food was divine and mounthwatering. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking. This was truly a "Kodak moment". In fact, the day of the event; Hallmark magazine was there covering a story on the Hill Country ranch. They photographed everything from the focaccia to the rolling hills; including ShAnnie. So if you happen to be flipping through the pages of the latest Hallmark, you'll see ShAnnie there. What a fun reminder of that very special day.

Performing at the TMA's!!!

ShAnnie has just confirmed that they will be performing along with some incredible talent at this years Texas Music Awards. Hopefully, everyone will be able to come out to Palestine, Texas and join in this very special occasion. For tickets to this event or to book a hotel please visit The seating is limited and the show is expected to sell out, so hurry!

Texas Music Awards Nominee!!!

Yes, thanks to family, friends & fans, ShAnnie was nominated for the Texas Music Awards 2008 Vocal Duo/Group of the Year. They are in the company of some other great musicians, so it will be tough.... but ShAnnie appreciates your vote! But wait! Not only did they make the ballot for Duo/Group... John M. Greenberg, ShAnnie's Producer, was also nominated for the Texas Music Awards 2008 Producer of the Year for ShAnnie; "Water Over Stones". So, don't forget to vote for John M. Greenberg too! Voting begins February 4th through February 22nd. Please place your vote at... Thanks!!!

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